Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jennifer, John and Bodie (the dog)

This is my little sunrise, sunshine couple! We met at 8:30 AM! :) yesterday to do their engagement shoot. We all decided it would be fun to bring their dog, Bodie, along. I am a dog lover, so no problem. It is ,though, my first engagement session with one. It was really fun, despite the Texas heat at that hour already. We got some great shots, laid back but fun, of all three of them.
Their wedding is next Friday and I can tell it is going to be a fun one with this couple!

We were off and running!

John is so sweet to Jennifer, he makes her laugh and he smiles with her kisses.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Austin Monthly and Austin Monthly Home Shoots

So, I have had the great pleasure of shooting for Austin Monthly and their sister magazine, Austin Monthly Home.
It has been so much fun! I mainly do food photography, but here and there I do portraits (Gilbert shoot down below is featured in AM) and other fun stuff. Here are some past issues that I have finally scanned to share. Check out the issues and future issues for more of my work and some other GREAT Austin photographers.

This is a spread that I shot recently, it ran in the second issue of Austin Monthly Home. Great food made by 2 dine 4 and all the organizing behind this shoot is Tanya Posavatz, owner of Clink Weddings & Events. She is amazing! (magazine has some of the recipes)

Here is a shoot at Castle Hill Cafe with Chef Christopher Lyttle. This is one of Austin's most popular restaurants. These salads he made up for the issue were delicious and best of all he gives away some of the recipes in the magazine! I think he is also going to feature some of them on the menu. If you have never been, you must go try! YUM!

This is a spread that was featured in the premier issue of Austin Monthly Home. A how to guide on throwing a great Cinco de Mayo party. Jonathan from Creative Creations was behind this menu and it was fabulous. The huevos monteluenos and bread pudding were some of my favorites. Tanya was again behind the design of this.
(Check out the issue for some of the recipes.)

Lastly, here are some of portraits that I shot for the magazine.

I really like this one of Bob Mitchell.

This is Tricia Roberts, who owns and runs Adelante.

Lyn, the publisher

Sheena and Casey

June 17, 2006

This cute little couple married yesterday. They are so sweet, any couple that plays the Charlie Brown theme song as they are exiting the church is too cute for words! They have a great group of family and friends that helped them celebrate. The rain stopped and it ended up being a beautiful day with a bubble send off. Good luck with the move and Congratulations! (You can see some of Sheena's Bridals below)