Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New York Times Food Shoot!!!!!

So I am always thrilled to see the phone number 111-111-1111 come up on my phone b/c I know it is NYT! This was my third time shooting for the paper and it is always a great priveledge and honor to be called by them. This time it was for a spread featuring tex-mex food in San Antonio at El Mirador. The place is fabulous Dona Maria started the restaurant and had most of her recipes just had written in a notebook. She had just celebrated her 97th birthday a week and a half before the shoot. She was an amazing woman to photograph! Well here are some of the shots from that day and if you are ever in San Antonio, Texas I highly recommend stopping in the food was delicious!

Joanna's Bridal Session

This is what you get when you mix a bride, a fire engine, an axe, Hudson (the dog) and a motorcycle. One awesome shoot and a happy photographer! Joanna was one of my past students and i was so honored that she wanted me to shoot her wedding. Which we just shot but we were keeping these a secret from Eric her fiance. I can't wait to show you the wedding photos!

Friday, October 19, 2007


We got to take a little trip to Goldwaithe, Texas to photograph this super sweet couples wedding! I loved it there we were next to train tracks and old buildings which of course we took advantage of! Schules was so sweet he played a song during the wedding for his bride. Everyone was so incredibily sweet and wonderful! Brooke and Schules you are truely blessed with a wonderful group of family and friends. Best wishes to you!!!!!