Friday, January 11, 2008


What can I say about this couple.. AWESOME!! SWEET!! Great family and friends and one of the most loving couples I have ever met not only towards each other but to those around them! I had a blast photographing their engagements and I couldn't wait for their wedding to come around. Oddly enough when I was an assistant for a wedding photographer I assisted Cathy's sisters wedding and it was one of my favorites and I put two and two together when I met with Cathy and just felt it was meant to be! It was such a great day with Denise from Soiree and her staff doing the amazing coordination for the event! Heather from Wild Poppy did an AMAZING job with the flowers, so cool and unique! Amazing food by Primizie and one of the best bands I have ever seen at a wedding Sauce they totally got the crowd going! Plus everything was held at the beautiful Laguna Gloria! Thank you guys for everything I had an amazing time!


They are so pretty aren't they! They were wed at One World Theatre, which I just think is a beautiful place! It was a gorgeous ceremony and day and I loved Liz's vintage broach and that sash on her dress. The details were great and it was a wonderful day. Thank you so much and here are some of my favorites!