Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Out of the office!!!!

I am off to Aruba to shoot Carisa and Ed's Wedding! I will be back in the office and returning phone calls and emails on Sept. 7th. I will have no access to phone out there and very little access to email but I will get back with you as soon as I can!
Thanks so much!


I had a great day in Houston with this wonderful couple and their amazingly supportive family and friends. It is such a joy to be a part of something so special and there are those times it overwhelms you! This was one of those times. Becca is beautiful, Brady so sweet and their love for each other undeniable. Congratulations to the two of you and once again I am so happy to have been a part of it!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

[New Mexico Road Trip!!!!!!!!!]

Ok, so I had the great pleasure to drive 2000+ miles all over New Mexico with 4 of my best friends (we were shy one b/c she is about to have her baby girl! YAY V!!!) Angela (my best friend and aspiring photographer), Little Stacey (my assistant and great friend!), Diana of Diana M Lott Photography and Heather Mabry of Eclectic Images photography. So here is what our 8 days on the road/photo trip came out to, camping, divey bars and even divey-er hotels, Bettin' on the ponies in Ruidoso, truck stop breakfasts, loud music and the windows down and singing journey so loud, a fingernail mishap, cheese lattes, someone sitting in tamales (stacey did those jeans get cleaned!), tax advice from a woman in a carlsbad bar (that's where i always get my advice, i don't know about you!) and so many other fond memories! Thanks girls for the awesome 8 days and tons of laughs and memories. Next year Colorado!


a fine dining establishment in Ozona with my classy little iphone! yes, i broke down and got one and it is the coolest best purchase! Apple rocks!

stacey who had to be our pet or child got the mickey mouse pancakes!

i hate to admit that we had more than one meal like this on our trip

one of my favorite 4 way stops in the world, Orla, TX

Classy Carlsbad, NM

Cheese latte, anyone????

Who do you think was responsible for making the cheese latte????

Cloudcroft, some pool and camping (the stacy(e)'s being silly, taken by angela)

White sands, NM

Alpine Lodge, Ruidoso

She is 94 and is happy to remind you of that daily and has some serious stories. She's pretty awesome!

stacey vs the dandelion

Ancho, population 2 mean people. (i stole that from Angela, well kind of)

Encino, NM

Angela pretending she is on ghost hunters

Chimayo, NM one of my most favorite and spiritual places to go to

Jemez Springs, NM we jumped into the stream back behind this that was cold and then into the natural hotsprings pool.

camping in Jemez

Truth or Consequences, NM one of my favorite places for vintage shopping and just love that name!

some photos from previous trips to New Mexico