Monday, September 24, 2007


I have had the best time working with Staci and Morgan and their family! We had a blast on the engagement shoot and bridal shoot, it was such a joy to shoot the wedding. It was everything I figured it would be, BEAUTIFUL! Staci has amazing taste and a love for pink so I knew it would be gorgeous. It was a wonderful day at Vintage Villas and the ceremony took place as the sun was setting. The party got started after dinner with LOTS of laughs and dancing! Thanks to the two of you for letting me capture your special day and trusting me. Congratulations to you!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

[Carisa + Ed]

Here it all is!!!!!! So I had the pleasure of photographing Carisa and Ed's Wedding in Aruba and one of my awesome friends and amazing fellow photographer came along with me, Diana M Lott. I have been working with Carisa for almost a year and it was so great to finally meet her and when I did, I felt right at home! What a great group of friends! They are partiers and well, I'm not gonna complain!!!! We had such a blast and lots of shooting, but when it is this much fun it doesn't feel like work!
So after meeting with Ed and Carisa officially, Diana and I decide to walk along the beach and we run into the rehearsal dinner! Which I guess isn't too odd on a 19 mile island! We happened to have cameras in tow and took a few shots and not just with our cameras! Whew! JW and Tequila should not be mixed!

The next day we headed out into downtown Aruba for some engagement photos. It was a little warm but we had a great time and ran into some interesting characters along the way!

The next day Carisa and Ed invited Diana and I on to a sunset cruise! Once again we didn't have to shoot but with such a fun group and gorgeous view we just couldn't help ourselves! This was a blast! The sunset was amazing!

The Wedding Day has arrived! (This Monique Lhuillier gown will be trashed, well just really wet! at the end of this blog!)

check out those gucci's!

Carisa trying not to ruin her makeup while reading a poem that Ed wrote to her to read before the ceremony!

Ed had a special message delivered to him from Carisa by Stefan (the best man) Why does Ed not want it????

Ed looking handsome!

The Guys!!!!!!

Carisa and the girls (Carisa is a natural in front of the camera and thank you for trusting Diana and I when we wanted to photograph you in the bathroom!

The boat ride to the private island (beautiful!!!! and I loved it when the boat would go super fast!)

A little detail

Amazing ceremony site

The Wedding Party!!!! (Seriously, jumping never gets old and with this group they had plenty of energy!!!)

the flamigos on the island were so cool!

The reception

Carisa's nickname is Mrs. Pnut and Ed's nickname is Mr. Turtle, how cute!!!!!

Can you blame her for being that freaked out!

someone has to carry her over the threshold!

The father/daughter dance

Don't ask! Were they at table 1 or 2????

The Day After Session... So after surving the almost hurricane! We were still able to pull off the day after session where we trashed the dress! Well, the dress will be fine and we got some amazing photos from it all! Thanks Carisa and Ed for being such troopers through these next photos. It was a blast and I think well worth it!

They were completely soaked after this shot! But it was awesome!

Thanks again to the both of you for all your trust and willigness! Diana and I had such a blast the whole time we were with you guys! We can't wait to see you in NY or on the west coast! Anytime there is JW we will always think of you!!!!!!