Tuesday, September 11, 2007

[Elizabeth's Bridal]

I am so excited for Elizabeth's wedding! (oh and it is Dan's too! :) I had a great time with them at their engagement and so I was excited for Elizabeth's bridal! Elizabeth is beautiful, her dress amazing and the flowers (just for the bridal) were super cool! We had a great session at the Laguna Gloria grounds where her wedding will take place in just a few weeks. It sounds like it will be amazing and thanks to the girls at Elite Weddings for recommending me! I hope the car is doing better and see you soon!!!!!


Mary said...

The last one is my FAVORITE!!! She has such amazing eye lashes.

Jennifer Nichols said...

These are beautiful Stacy! Love the one of her on the couch with the veil around her her. Laguna Gloria is such a great place for bridal portraits. Nice work!

SMS Photography said...

thanks ladies!
i think elizabeth is just stunning so she made my job easy. :)