Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Another awesome wedding in San Antonio! We have been there quite a bit this past year and it is nice to have a little change of scenery. I had not met Paige or Patrick but was so excited when I did on their big day. Paige is so laid back and sweet with some spunk! Patrick is super nice too and his friends had Stacey and I cracking up! I loved the guys shoes! It was a sweet little ceremony at St. Luke's followed by a reception at Hotel Valencia which was cool for some fun portraits of the couple. The cake feeding got a little crazy! I think their ring shot is my new favorite one. Congrats to the two of you!

[Baby Ehren]

I have done a few family portraits lately. I don't do them too often but a lot more of my brides are having babies. So I have been doing a lot more recently! Ehren is so cute!!!!! He is 3 months old and is such a boy already. I spent the afternoon with Nancy, Jon, grandpa and Ehren to get some shots. Seriously, he is precious and I look forward to document him and his family for a long time to come. :)