Thursday, December 04, 2008


Ok, so this post is ridiculously big but come on! Look how cute they are. Alicia and Scott were so great to work with. Alicia had Stacey and I laughing pretty much all night. Plus their family and friends were so awesome and we just felt like family. You may recognize one of their pics from my splash page on my regular site. I posted it the day after their wedding and this is what Alicia wrote to me: Ok-so I'm a huge dork and totally checked the website and OH MY GOSH!! WE LOVE IT WE LOVE IT WE LOVE IT!!! Oh my gosh it is so beautiful I can't even stand it!! I would donate my left kidney if it asked, I love it THAT much!! Oh my goodness, it is so beautiful and such a tease because now we can't wait to see the others. Thank you and Stacey so much again. We had a complete blast and you guys were amazing!!
=) Alicia and Scott
.So you can see why we love these guys so much! Thanks so much to the two of you for everything and we wish the best!!!
Also a special thanks to Jessica with Something to Celebrate for pulling everything together and making my job easier!

Alicia and her mom being silly together. They were like this all day!

Alicia's dad wore a red tie as a joke (this was not their colors) and Alicia looking disapproving

Grandpa helped out with the above shot by holding the tree! Thanks grandpa!

Do you have a little Morgan in you??? A joke that Alicia and Scott have so we had to do the pose!

Hook, line and sinker!

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Something To Celebrate said...

Excellent job, ladies!!! I'm so glad you were able to capture Alicia's many expressions. Wasn't this a FUN group??? So much laughing and crying, it was often hard to tell the difference. LOVE them. Thank you so much for the awesome archive. I can't wait to see the rest!