Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This sweet couple got married in San Antonio at St. Luke's Church and reception was held at the beautiful La Mansion on the Riverwalk. They have such a close bond with their family and friends and you could tell they were excited to be married and get on down to the partying! Some of the different things that they did for their was a cake pull, where the bridesmaids all grab a ribbon that is stuck into the cake adn they pull it out and at the end is a charm that symbolizes things like good luck or money on the way. It was really cute. They also ended the night by leaving in a second line, which I love. It'sa tradition from New Orleans where a brass band leads the way and the couple follows. It was a great way to make an exit. Plus I am sure the band guys don't get rice and petals thrown at them too often, wonder if they enjoyed that. :)

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