Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Things that make me happy…..

So I am not a big Christmas person. I’m not a Scrooge or Grinch. Just things changed in my life and it wasn’t the same experience for me.
But this year there has been a twist!
Stacey, which most of you know as my wonderful friend and assistant, she on the other hand loves Christmas and that bug is a little contagious.
After a shoot today, we needed to pop into Target for a few items, quickly… WAIT! That whole sentence is crazy. A) we never just run in and out of Target and B) it is never just a few items. Back to the story, Stacey wanted to get some Christmas decorations and so we were in the Christmas section for all of about 5 minutes when I find the most spectacular thing! A peacock ornament. I was just going to be silly and wear it on my shoulder to a party as if I were a classy pirate. Then I spot the 2nd most fabulous thing! A 13in. teal blue tinsel tree with lights built in. this my friends is a must have. So Pete (the peacock) (and yes I think it is fitting that anything that adorns a 13in. teal blue tinsel tree should be named.) has now become my tree topper. Classy pirate will have to wait for another time. So the tree will need a few ornaments, I find some cute little Christmas balls and we are complete! Almost. Target is out of hooks! I can’t go home and not decorate my tree tonight! So Stacey suggests paperclips. Sigh of relief problem solved. So after 2 hours in Target we are finally ready to go. I get home and sit down with a glass of wine and carefully arrange the branches of the tree that have been smashed about from all the traveling the tree has done. This is a true skill my friends. 20 minutes later, perfection! I position Pete perfectly to show off his plumage and then take my paperclips and hang the ornaments. Now I have Christmas in my house.
I know Stacey will love it when she comes in tomorrow for work b/c the only other Christmas thing I had given into was a snowman shaped soap dispenser for the bathroom. The tree is far cooler. Along with the tree is a bottle of evergreen spray (thank you bath and body works!) that I will use to spritz in the room to give us the smell of a real tree. Well, real enough. Now the only thing missing is a tiny tree skirt…..

Also these cute teal twinkle tea lights. Love them as well especially b/c they are not real flames b/c real flames and tinsel tree on fire do not equal good times.

Also, on another side note. It takes Stacey a good half hour to decide on wrapping paper. Just beware if you ever go with her.

Pete's plumage poised perfectly

The snowman is not so lonely anymore


Anonymous said...

ha!! i love it! i can totally picture you and stacey on this Target adventure.

Diana said...

the wrapping is part of the present my friend.

SMS Photography said...

it was definitely an adventure.
and i know that is part of the present. that is enjoyed for all of 2 seconds before ripping it open with pure excitement!

Jon Ray said...

you're such a good little blogger! ;)

i'm jealous because your blogs have prettier pictures than mine...i need you to spruce my words up with lovliness...

yay for blogging! <---nerd alert

heather said...

I love it! I want it!! Too funny! I have no xmas spirit this year either don't feel bad. I love the mini tree idea though, may have to get one. And you know how I love teal!

Kate said...

I love it! Adorable! This is the first year I haven't had a tree... no where to put one and Evan would kill it if we put it up in his apartment :(

SMS Photography said...

AWWWWW! evan! let her have a tree!
jon ray, i will put pretty pictures on your blog and yes you, i mean me as well, are nerds for our blogs!
but damn i love us!!!!!!