Sunday, December 31, 2006


Well, I should have known from the engagement session, where we drank copious amounts of wine and to say the least had a blast, that this wedding EVENT would be anything but dull. It started as a lovely evening wedding at Laguna Gloria where Denise from Soiree coordinated this lovely affair! Guests were served hot chocolate and champagne to warm up for the outdoor ceremony. Jonathan from Creative Creations made fabulous food with 3 stations, oriental, French and comfort food (loved the macaroni!) The Last Petal did all the arrangements and Becky’s bouquet was beautiful. Then the guests danced the night away and boy did they dance! I tagged along for a few extra photos after the main event that was only meant for the bravest of brave to venture on! We ended up in front of the Austin motel sign for a group photo, beer stop at chevron and then no night in Austin would be complete unless we had a photo with the lovely couple and Leslie (he’s a bit of a local celebrity and may be a bit shocking to those of you who have never seen him but it is all in good fun! He actually ran for mayor!) Thanks for the AWESOME adventure! Congrats to the two of you and wine again soon is a must!

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