Thursday, June 04, 2009

Vendor of the month!!!!

I would love to introduce our vendor of the month for JUNE!!!
We have known each other for 16 years, gosh that really dates me! (oh and him, sorry Edward :)
I am so excited about what he does and I am excited to share with you guys his passion. He is also a great person and fun to be around! Be sure to check out his site Vintage Rides for more information and get on booking him for your wedding today!!

Here is a little info about him and some photos of him and his beautiful classics.

Vendor of the month name: Edward Dreslinkski

Company: Vintage Rides

Years in business: We’re in year one of what is going to be a business that lasts a lifetime!

Biggest self indulgence…. A great meal…There is nothing more spectacular than great food, great wine, and great friends.

Favorite cocktail… Bushmills straight up with a coke back

People would be surprised to know…that I am kind of an old man when it comes to sleep. I like to go to bed by 11:00 and will be up by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning!

First thing you do when you get up: Wake up the Bambina!

3 things on your desk…My calendar, my iMac, and lots of gift cards for some reason.

I can’t live without… sappy movies, playing golf, sweet tea, and my friends.

My idea of a girls/guys night out…. Dinner at a great restaurant and a late night drive in the Cadillac out to the lake!

What you ate for breakfast… I hate to admit that I had a Chic-Fil-A chicken biscuit for breakfast!

Favorite place to eat... I love Café Josie.

Fun is…dictated by the people we surround ourselves with. Really, we are who we associate with!

What I haven’t done but plan to this year… Never been to the Grand Canyon. I’m thinking this is the year for a road trip with the kid over there.

Favorite flower…definitely the “Bird of Paradise”

Tips for brides to be…If you’re worried about your hair have a Jackie O scarf ready! ;)

Craziest wedding moment…The “Great Silly String Fiasco” of ‘09

Favorite wedding moment… The sheer joy in the faces of Evan and Jen as we drove down 1826 in the Cadillac. I’m really not sure if I have ever seen two happier people!

Why you do what you do…I love classic cars and I am truly a romantic at heart. I love the idea of amazing couples creating lasting memories in the rides!

The '61 Cadillac

The '63 T-bird
(I love driving this car!)

The '42 beautiful Buick

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