Monday, July 09, 2007

4th of July!!!!!!

I got to spend the 4th with my family in Bastrop. My Aunt Pammy and Uncle Mac live out there, it's so pretty with all the rain and the pine trees! My Aunt Melissa and my cousins Maura and Riley along with Melissa's mom, Sandra, came down from El Paso to see everyone. My Uncle Mitch (Aunt Melissa's husband) is serving in Iraq, he is a Colonel. We are all anxiously awaiting his return next year! It was great to see everyone, we didn't have any rain, well, just a tiny bit. So the kids were able to swim and we got to grill and do fireworks. It was a nice relaxing day with the family and some wine! Here are a few photos from the day. I love fireworks!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a family joke, don't ask!

The kids liked these shots b/c they thought it looked like they were walking on water!

My 2 aunts singing some crazy songs!

Then a little sparkler action!

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