Friday, March 28, 2008


I was so excited to hear all the cool ideas Keri and Jake had for their wedding! Even more excited when I knew I would be shooting all those cool details and a fun couple! I have to thank once again Becky with Something to Celebrate for recommending me! My great friend Heather of Eclectic Images came along to shoot with me. We had a blast! Super cool lodge theme, hot chocolate, cow skin rugs, candles everywhere, awesome lighting, hot apple cider and the fireworks display over the lake!!!!!!! Yeah it was that awesome! The Lakeway Spa and Resort was totally transformed that night! I have been out there before and was in complete shock of the transformation that went on for this wedding. The entire family was so great too, everyone was so welcoming and so sweet. They made us feel right at home and we caught some fabulous photos! Thanks so much to everyone, especially Keri and Jake for allowing us the creative freedom to do what we do best (create Kick butt images that tell the story of your day!) and Becky for sending them to us knowing that we could capture it all! We are so excited to have been a part of this fabulous day!

love these shoes!!!!!

once again these girls are all about the shoes!

dad and daughter first moment


cow skin rugs rock!

yep. groom's cake

i wish i could have heard what the grandmothers said to the happy couple! it looks like some good advice!

my fave!

mom and dad were to thank for the fireworks display!

yep, that's me! anytime i can be goofy and get away with it, I will be!

love this! all the ladies posing!

fabulous take home goodies!

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heather mabry said...

you look very cute with antlers! :)

thanks for letting me come along - i had a great time working with you as i always do!