Friday, April 03, 2009

Vendor of the Month!!!!

So I decided to show some love to all the awesome vendors I get to work with! I am going to be featuring a different vendor every month that I think is, well, awesome! And to give all the brides-to-be a look into why they are so amazing and what great vendors can do for your wedding! My first one that I interviewed and did a mini-session with is the FABULOUS Gina with Clink. I LOVE my coordinators, I can not stress to so many brides out there that they are so wonderful to have. They take so much stress off of the couple and the family and they make all the vendors jobs run smoother. Let your wedding day just be about you and your significant other and not all the craziness that can sometimes come on wedding day! (some of us even give discounts for working with coordinators..wink..wink)

Vendor of the month name: Gina Whittington

Company: Clink

Years in business: Me, 5 years, Clink 7

Biggest self indulgence…. Chocolate, champagne, spa treatments, Sunday fundays and shopping. I am an indulger ;)

Favorite cocktail: French Press, champagne, Elderflower liqueur and a splash of lemon

People would be surprised to know…. I LOVE dive bars and my ears aren’t pierced.

3 things in your purse:
Shout wipes
Digital camera to capture images when inspiration strikes
A Sookie Stackhouse book

First thing you do when you get up:
Let Brad the Boxer out

3 things on your desk
Crane’s Blue Book of Stationery
My NEW Personalized Stationery, it is PERFECTION!
Picture of my boys (Brad and Randy, the puppies)

I can’t live without:
Travel! Or Edward Cullen….and my friends and my puppies

Favorite jeans:
Rock & Republic

My idea of a girls/guys night out:
Just a night, not a whole day L Girls night out is fine dining with great wine and great conversation, and then we all talk each other into going out, either to an Eastside bar, Mean Eyed Cat or Saxon. Yes I know those don’t seem to go together, but they do!

What you ate for breakfast:
Waffles from Cammila Grill (I am in New Orleans)

Favorite place to eat:
I love food and could never pick one. I can’t live without Whataburger, the Margarita Pizza from Primizie, Polvo’s, Vivo, Paggi House, CafĂ© Josie, Enoteca, Vespaio, Kenobi

Fun is….
True friendship and living every moment to the fullest and having no regrets.

What I haven’t done but plan to this year:
I have never been to Ireland, but am going in September!

A perfect day:
Mimosas and brunch at Blue Dahlia
Hanging out at Barton Springs
Going to Alamo Drafthouse
Dinner at Paggi House
Going to see Blue October


Favorite flower:
Lady slipper orchid

Craziest wedding moment:
Ha! One of my brides wore my wedding dress because she was making her own and it wasn’t completed. You can’t get crazier than this! She put it on 3 hours before the ceremony and it fit, no alterations needed! I love you Michelle!!!!

Why you do what you do:
I have always wanted to make a difference in the world, and I can’t stand blood so being a doctor was ruled out quickly! I get to be with a bride on the most important and cherished day of her life (until she has children) and I get to make that day beautiful and perfect and completely unique to her and her fiancĂ©.

Tips for brides to be:
*Enjoy your engagement and have fun with it, don’t sweat the small stuff, we are here for you as a sounding board and a reasonable unbiased voice to guide you
*The more personal touches you can add the better
*EVERYONE has an opinion about your wedding, do not ask them and ignore the ones that are offered unsolicited
*Do not skimp on photography, this is all you will have left and the day flies by!


Kate said...

STACY! I am dying over here for pictures!

Although I love looking at these of Gina every time I press refresh :)

Gina said...

I love you Kate! Give me just a little bit more time in the spotlight pleaseeeeeeeeee! In all seriousness Stacy is trying to narrow done to post your blog. She had 138 pics at last count!

Kate said...

I love you too Gina! And if I must wait, at least I get to wait while looking at your HOT photos...

btw: I am totally fine with there being 138 pics on our post ;)