Thursday, January 08, 2009

[Dancey's Senior Session]

I am loving shooting senior portraits! These girls are so awesome. So much style and sassiness! I wish I was a tenth as cool as these girls. This session was an amazing one. Dancey and her mom, Cheryl, were so great to work with. I brought Stacey out with me b/c she is going to start shooting them too and the 4 of us had a blast! We laughed almost non-stop for about 2 and a half hours! Dancey is another one of the AHS dance girls that I had been lucky enough to photograph. Here are some of my favorites from the day. I especially love this first one. We were a little nervous that some burly guy might come out and yell at us for leaning on his sweet ride (yeah, i did say only a tenth of the coolness) but no one ever appeared and Dancey's dress (which is her grandmothers vintage dress) was perfect for this, well worth the risk!

seriously! look at that height!


a little karate chop!

just one of the many things that made me puffy heart Dancey; she loves to wear crazy glasses and other accy's to school. Just her thing. I told her this was her Clark Griswald shot, fitting i think

Last but not least...we ended it with a jig! (you know you've had a good session when you end with one of those!)


Cait said...

My sister is sooo beautiful :)

SMS Photography said...

yes she is! i think i see a family session in the future! so i can meet the other half of this awesome family! :)

Elizabeth said...

I really enjoy your work! This is an awesome and fun session. Great shots! Love the ones with the truck and yellow dress.

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k. said...

This is a great shoot. I love your model and your locations. Where were these taken? I'm especially curious about the one with the cut out of the black woman with the polka dot dress. I've lived in Austin for 10 years and I've never seen this place. Do tell :)

Love your work.