Saturday, January 10, 2009


So I am getting ready to head out of the country to Mexico!!!! WOOHOO! My awesome friends are getting married. :) Diana (with Diana M Lott photography) and I headed out the other day to get some quick engagement shots of Heather (from Eclectic Images) and her fiance Mike before we all set off for their wedding in Playa. So just a note to everyone I will be returning back to the office on January 20th. My amazing assistant, Stacey, will be here working a way and will check emails and get back to anyone if there is quickly needed attention. Otherwise, I will have limited access to phone and email and will respond when I get back. And if you're wondering where a bunch of the Austin photographers have disappeared to and most of the girls from Clink, well, you can probably bet we are on the beach celebrating with the happy couple! Here are some of my favorites from the shoot!


Stacy Cross said...

Oh my gosh, Heather - you look SO awesome! Congrats you two!

jacker said...

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