Monday, March 09, 2009

Clean Puppies!!!!

They got baths, I couldn't take any of Jezebel, she gets bathed outside and while she loves the water, she hates baths, so it is a struggle to get her bathed and I always end up wet from head to toe! Comet does not like being bathed outside but will do the bath tub! So I took some pics of him in there and Jezebel watching him, thankful I am sure, that she was done with hers. Then they ran around the house so hyper to be all clean! I love puppies!!!!!

Jezebel watching from the hall

She made her way in to lick up some of the water

I am not sure what this stare down was for but it was pretty darn cute!


DCM Photography said...

I love the stare down! Awesome!

Stacy Cross said...

oh my goodness. i think i'm in love.