Friday, May 08, 2009

[Kelsey + Heath]

I had an amazing session with Kelsey and Heath. I love it when couples want to incorporate their lifestyle into their e-session. I met them at their house and we headed down to a park nearby with the dogs (awesome labradoodles that had SO much energy!) So we started there and got the super cute puppy pics and then headed back to the house to hang out on the hammock, which they do a lot and they have a great corner location near campus so they get to people watch all day, FUN! Then we just walked around the area to some of their favorite spots and found some new ones and we ended at the Speedway laundry mat. Ahhh the memories....when I lived in that area that is where I would spend my evenings doing my clothes, felt good to be back there. Thanks guys for being so fun and willing to try all my silly stuff. For daring to sit and dip in the middle of the street (Heath is our safety man and totally made sure we were gonna be okay, quite precious) I am sad that it will be a whole year and then some before we shoot again!


Sarah Castor said...

These are so fabulous! So much fun! Awesome job!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see the wedding shots.