Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miss Evaleigh

The cutest 1 month old EVER!!! Ok, she is my niece, I am allowed to be the biased aunt. We took some quick shots of her here at just a little over a month old. I think she is getting used to the camera. She has got lots of years in front of it to come! We started with the blackmail photos, no those don't come until we get a bare skin rug! She's pretty darn cute, isn't she....

dad making her look goofy with sticking out her ears
her response to dad
baby bellies!!!!

yeah, i got her this onesie and i pretty much think it is the most adorable thing! seriously! 

this is just ridiculously cute!

in her little easter dress

kisses from mom.  and there WILL be family photos at some point. :)

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Kelsey and Heath said...

nope, you were right...cutest baby ever