Friday, May 08, 2009

Vendor of the Month!!!!

Ok, more like Vendor's of the month!!!!! So most of you may have heard that the fabulous coordinating teams from Clink and Soiree have merged to make an amazing team of women. These beautiful ladies will make your wedding day rock and they are SO much fun to work with! I was so honored when they asked me to shoot their headshots for their new site which is Clink. I had to keep it a secret until they officially launched on Wednesday, that was not an easy task ;) Here are the shots and the press release about the new company. Congrats again ladies and always a pleasure to work with!

The executive team:

The Planners:



Two of Austin’s Top Event Planning Firms Merge to Create Austin’s Largest Full Service Event Planning Agency

Austin, TX – Wednesday, May 6, 2009 – Clink Events and Soirée – two of Austin’s top event planning companies – have announced they are merging to form a multi-faceted event planning agency unique to the Austin market. The name of the newly formed company will be Clink. Denise Silverman has been named CEO, while former Clink owner Tanya Posavatz has been named president and CFO.

Last year, Soirée and Clink serviced approximately 150 events valued at a total of approximately $5.25 million, representing a significant share of the local market.

“Uncertain economic times often present rare opportunities for long term strategic growth and success,” said Posavatz, who is also the past president for the Austin Chapter of the International Special Events Society (ISES), and Austin Wedding & Event Coordinators (AWEC). “Soirée and Clink recognized that a merger would yield enormous opportunities and establish a service model unique to the Austin event industry.”

In December of 2008, Silverman and Posavatz recognized there was a real opportunity to gain massive market share by leveraging each other’s strengths, as well as eliminating cost redundancies. Instead of a “divide and conquer” philosophy, the two companies have merged with a “unite and conquer” philosophy.

“Having worked in several public relations agencies in my career, I am a big believer in the full service agency model,” said Silverman, who is also the current president of AWEC. “Separately, Soirée and Clink already boasted strong teams. Together, we are now able to offer comprehensive event production and destination management services, providing unmatched expertise in event coordination, design and on-site event management.”

Soirée and Clink had been rivals for years, considered by many to be two of the top wedding and event production companies in the Austin area. Their brand images often appealed to the same clients, causing the two companies to frequently compete for business. Denise Silverman, Soirée’s former owner, and Tanya Posavatz, Clink’s former owner, got to know one another through various industry events and affiliations, and – true to the character of the collegial Austin business community – formed a professional friendship, often swapping ideas and best practices for the betterment of their respective companies and the Austin industry in general.

Silverman and Posavatz are each 50% owners of the new company. Gina Whittington has been named creative director and serves as a member of the Clink executive team. The executive team oversees a staff of senior and junior level event planners.

About Clink
Clink is an Austin-based, full service event production and destination management agency that designs and coordinates special events in Texas, across the US, and abroad. Launched in 2002, Clink is a recognized leader in the Texas event planning and production industry – having won multiple awards for innovative event design, detailed planning and organized production. A 2009 merger with Soirée, one of Austin’s most respected and successful event companies, solidified Clink’s position as the premier, full service event production agency in Texas. Clink’s mission is to transform every client’s unique vision into flawless reality – whether they are celebrating a wedding, a milestone birthday, or the accomplishments of dedicated employees.


Kate said...

Ow ow!!! Gorgeous headshots!

Mandy Hernanez said...

These photos turned out so great!
You have a real "gift."
I was glad to be a part of it!
Can't wait to work with again soon.

Mandy Hernandez said...

again...great pics!